Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hi Y'all! I just wanted to jump on the blog today to give you a sneak peak of just a few of my favorite things in the kitchen. I seem to use the same ole items all the time so it was pretty easy for me to pick some to share.

This fabulous little gadget is a meat crumbler. I got it from Pampered Chef several years ago and I use it all the time when cooking ground beef, turkey, chicken or sausage. I would tell you that the only down size to this beauty is that it can be difficult to clean. I've found the best way to solve this problem is to put it in some soapy water as soon as you're finished using it. Then just use a kitchen brush between the sections. Works like a charm!

This mini spatula is also a hard working member of the kitchen staff. It's perfect for getting brownies, bars, or sheet cake pieces out of the pan. I use it instead of a knife to cut the slices of these goodies. It's also great for retrieving small cookies off of a cookie sheet. Again, Pampered Chef is the source.

Now, that other little gadget you can hardly see is my newest favorite thing. I ordered it from Amazon right before Christmas and have used it all the time since. There are probably lots of different uses for it but I whisk my eggs with it, whether I'm scrambling eggs for breakfast or breaking them up to put in a recipe. It's the perfect little size for doing just that!

Okay now for the big and gorgeous.  I love this Kitchen Aid Mixer.  These are a little on the pricey side but I believe it is totally worth if you use it a lot.  Which I do. 

My slow cooker is the hardest working appliance in my kitchen.  Granted using one requires some planning but if you get in that habit, it will change your life.  For the better. 

Okay, so technically this may not be a cooking appliance but I love the Keurig.  The one cup brewing is perfect for our family since not all of us drink coffee and it's just so convenient.   
So that's just a quick look around my kitchen.  This was fun!  We'll do it again soon! 

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