Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Saturday's (8-31-13: Georgia vs. Clemson) Tailgating Menu

So I'm sure we all know that Georgia didn't fare too well this past Saturday at Clemson. It wasn't because our family didn't do our part to cheer them on. My boys were actually two of the 10 Georgia fans that they allowed in that sea of orange (just kidding! I think there might have been 50 tickets given to Georgia. I'm sorry, I can't let it go, can I?). My contribution to the day, besides the coaching and cheering from the couch, was to send my Georgia boys off with a tailgating feast. I packed them up the following:

Hogs in a Sleeping Bag are our go-to tailgating staple. What could be better than a butter biscuit (the whompem kind you find in the refrigerated section of your local JandJ) wrapped around a big ole Kielbasa sausage then dipped in some brown mustard?

No tailgate is complete unless there is potato salad present.

Also, present on their tailgate (literally, they used the tailgate of the truck because they forgot to put the table in) was slaw, salsa and chips, watermelon and cantaloupe, and brownies. To tell you the truth, I kinda forgot about a dessert for the boys until the last minute. So this is what I did. I always keep a brownie mix in the pantry so I used one that already had walnuts and chocolate chunks included and because that would never be enough, I decided to add some chopped peanut butter cups to the mix ... and the top, just for good measure.


And that my friends, will cure what ails ya!

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